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Our company was established in 2004 and operates in the field of import, export, wholesale and marketing of double glazing chemicals and double glazing profiles, keeping the understanding of quality service in the foreground.

Thiokol (poly sulfide), butyl, desiccant (slikajel), aluminum profile, aluminum butyl profile, aluminum decorative profile, glass door accessories, glazier hand tools, glass machines, clips, grille rubber, cork etc. We have all kinds of double glazing materials needed with our rich brand options. Our priority is customer satisfaction, quality materials and timely delivery with our reasonable price policy in our domestic and international sales.

ABG Group

Our products are produced in accordance with world standards


All Our Products Have Passed Quality Control Tests and Certified


All of our products are under the Abg Group Guarantee.


As in the past, we will continue to serve you in all conditions in the future.

ABG Group
ABG Group


ABG Group